Room Makeover: Re-Create This Look

I love a bright, clean, room. When designing my bedroom I knew I wanted to incorporate pink and gold. The key is to be subtle. By adding throw pillows, mirrors, decorations, and blankets with a pop of color, I was able to make a “cool” colored room feel warm.

My desk and vanity are both topped with glass that was specifically cut for them. This has made them nicer and last longer. By doing this, they are easier to clean as well. Next to my desk I have a small filing cabinet that was spray painted gold to go with the room. This is one of my favorite areas because I am able to look outside and get natural light as I work.

My vanity had a lot of thought put into it as well. There are plenty of expensive vanity mirrors, but they were not what I was looking for. Mine was created by getting a regular mirror and buying 2, 4 bulb light fixtures. I then had them rewired in order to plug them into an outlet for convenience.

The fur rugs were found at Hobby Lobby.

The vanity lights can be purchased at Lowe’s.

If You have any questions concerning where things are from, that are not listed, just comment below or email me(:

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