Disney Princess Inspired Outfits

While at Disney World I wanted to have a little fun. I always adored the Disney Princesses and wanted to channel their vibe into some of my attire. Here is four of my Disney Princess Outfits that anyone can recreate with a little creativity.

Cinderella: This blue sundress was so cute with its ruffles. The color was an exact match do the classic dress Cinderella wore to the ball. Any baby blue sundress will do but I recommend one with a little flair.
Snow White: This look was completed by wearing a gold cardigan, royal blue skirt, and white tank. By layering these items I was able to create an allusion to Snow White herself.
Belle: This gold silk dress was perfect for portraying Belle. The morning hours were colder so I did have on a deep red cardigan which still tied the look together. A gold or Yellow dress with details is perfect for portraying the elegant Princess.
Disney Villain: With every Princess comes a villain ready to steal her throne! This all black look with lace was a fun look and was dressy while eating dinner at Epcot. You can pair this with some Maleficent “ears” for an even more dramatic look.

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