Disney World: 7 Tips to Christmas at the Happiest Place on Earth

Thinking about going to Disney World for Christmas? Although it is a magical experience, be prepared for crowds and long waits. However, if you follow my tips your trip should go a lot smoother!

1.Review the time of all Parades and Firework shows you would like to attend. This is important because normal show times change during the Holidays!

2.Get there at park opening! The early bird does get the worm when it comes to Disney at Christmas time. If you are one of the first people there you will be able to ride quickly without fastpass+ and avoid long waits.

3.Take a mid day nap and go back until park close. During the middle of the day at Christmas it is not uncommon for waits to be 3-4 hours long for popular rides. This is why it is best to go to the hotel and relax before going back in the evening when wait times are a little better.

4.Stay at a Resort who has a shuttle to the parks. You do not want to drive your car into the parks and waste time due to long lines.

5.Book your fastpass+ from11am-2pm. This is when lines will be the worst and you will want to ride without standing for hours. By getting to the park early and then having fastpass+ at this time you should be able to get a good portion of your must do rides out of the way!

6. Be ready to book any dining reservations and fastpass+ selections right when they open for your stay. If not, you risk not making them at all. There is usually not open availability’s like there is at other points in the year.

7.Enjoy your time and don’t forget to take pictures and try to relax. Be prepared and inform everyone of the crowds and hopefully your fellow mouseketeers will be easy going.

These tips should be flexible and apply to everyone. I have however attached the powerpoint I made for our trip. This will allow you to see a break down of our days.

When we went at Christmas we did stay at the Boardwalk Inn Resort and were on the Disney meal plan. Therefore, In the slides you will see how we decided to use our food credits. When going at this time of year you want to make sure to plan most details. If you do not, you may not be able to do as many things and get the most of your trip.

I have also attached my Disney travel video below:

This video documents my Disney Vacation with my boyfriend Timothy. Make Sure the Subscribe to my Youtube Channel if you like what you see!

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